• December 6, 2023

Stores Looted in Philadelphia by “Large Crowds of Juveniles” (Video)

 Stores Looted in Philadelphia by “Large Crowds of Juveniles” (Video)

Several stores were looted in Center City Philadelphia Tuesday night: An Apple, Lululemon, a Footlocker and a Fine Wine & Good Spirits in Lawncrest Located in northeast Philly.

Looting in Philadelphia, screen image via WPVI-TV/YouTube, September 26, 2023.

Police believe the looters took advantage of an earlier protest over a judge dismissing charges on Tuesday in the deadly police shooting of knife-wielding man, Eddie Irizarry, that took place six months ago.

WCAU-TC reported the looting was done by “large crowds of juveniles” (excerpt):

Large crowds of juveniles looted multiple stores across Center City Philadelphia Tuesday night, police said.

Among the stores looted were the Footlocker and the Apple store near 15th and Chestnut and the Lululemon in Center City.

A police officer said over 100 juveniles looted the Lululemon.

Video report by WPVI-TV:

More videos:

They looting downtown in Philly. This is CRAZY…wowww dm me what y’all got.




— Dee (@deegrizzleyy) September 27, 2023

This happened 5 minutes from the Liberty Bell and right down the street from where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

This is what liberalism has done to our country pic.twitter.com/GVt3ENzls1



(@Travis_in_Flint) September 27, 2023

More footage of Philly looters being arrested pic.twitter.com/2sx7FsDP6E

— Dixie (@OSiiNT) September 27, 2023


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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