• December 8, 2023

SWEDEN: Muslim gang violence has gotten so widespread in Stockholm, the Prime Minister is calling on the Army to intervene

 SWEDEN: Muslim gang violence has gotten so widespread in Stockholm, the Prime Minister is calling on the Army to intervene


Gun murder rates in Stockholm are 30 times higher than in London and many of the shooters are Muslim migrant minors. The new conservative Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, plans to activate a policy in which after serving a prison sentence, foreign gang members charged with shooting deaths and bombings will then be deported.

BNN The Swedish Prime Minister has summoned the head of the military to discuss how the armed forces can help police deal with the unprecedented crime wave that has shocked the country. This would be a highly unusual step for Sweden, underscoring the severity of the gang violence that has claimed a dozen lives across the country this month, including teenagers and innocent bystanders.
Amid ongoing violent criminal gang conflicts, the Swedish government has announced it will create a new explosives registry as criminal gangs continue to engage in bombings against their rivals. The government is overhauling Sweden’s criminal code to give police more powers, criminals longer sentences, and witnesses better protection.
Another major component of the plan is the imposition of harsher penalties for violations of gun laws. This initiative is designed to deter individuals from unlawful possession or misuse of firearms. The prime minister believes that stricter gun laws will significantly reduce violent crimes.

Enhancing the deportation powers is another measure set to be implemented. This is targeted at foreign nationals who are found guilty of committing crimes. The establishment of stop and search zones is another notable measure in the plan. These zones are designed to allow law enforcement officers to stop and search individuals suspected of illegal activities.
Kristersson blamed years of political naivety as the cause of the dramatic situation. “An irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration brought us here,” he said. Exclusion and parallel societies provide breeding grounds for criminal gangs. “There they can ruthlessly recruit children and train future killers,” the head of government said.
Conservatives also stressed that Swedish laws were not designed to address “gang warfare and child soldiers.” His government is now changing that on both immigration and crime policy. Juvenile prisons should be built to separate young criminals from adult criminals. Efforts are also being made to ensure that all children learn the Swedish language.

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