• January 19, 2022

President Donald Trump Responds to Arizona Audit Results: “I will

President Donald Trump released a new statement regarding the recently concluded hearing on Arizona Forensic audit. The 45th President promised to discuss it at his rally tomorrow in Georgia. Today, we finally saw the long-awaited results from the Arizona Senate’s historic full forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election. The result shows that there […]Read More

TGP’s Jordan Conradson Joins Alex Jones to Talk About the

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson joined Alex Jones on Infowars to discuss the HUGE findings presented at the Arizona audit hearing. On Friday morning, Info Wars brought TGP’s Jordan Conradson on to talk about Maricopa County’s noncompliance with the Arizona Senate. It appears that they are hiding something. On Wednesday, audit officials displayed their current […]Read More

Arizona Audit: Volunteers Begin Machine Recount (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, volunteers began using the new ballot machines in another recount for accuracy. We reported that this new equipment was being calibrated by audit officials with test ballots and that they would be officially counting today. Arizona Audit Update: New Machines In Use With New Equipment This new process is beginning today with auditors […]Read More

Arizona Audit Update: New Machines In Use With New Equipment

Audit Official Calibrates New Machines With Orange Shirt Oversight The Arizona audit continued on Tuesday with new ballot-counting machines and new equipment to prepare the ballots to be counted. The Gateway Pundit reported that the new machines were moved onsight in order to guarantee 100% accuracy in the ballot totals. EXCLUSIVE: New Machines Used to […]Read More

Arizona Audit: Paper Evaluation Will Finish Next Week – The

Boxes in The Far Corner Are Awaiting Paper Evaluation. The Arizona audit continues in Phoenix with paper evaluation and “quality control checks.”  On Thursday another State Representative from Indiana was on the floor. Audit official Randy Pullen told The Gateway Pundit that they are evaluating “well over 100,000 ballots per day, roughly up 120,000”. He […]Read More