• January 20, 2021

BREAKING: Car Rams Through Line of NYPD Officers During Brooklyn

car rammed through a line of NYPD police officers during the Black Lives Matter riot in Brooklyn on Tuesday evening. The attack on police comes one night after a truck driver in Philadelphia ran over a police officer during the riot there. BREAKING: Car slams into line of NYPD officers. They are under attack. pic.twitter.com/8Bkfh7HmiL […]Read More

Cashier at Business Being Pillaged By Black Lives Matter Rioters

cashier working at a Speedway in Milwaukee handed out bags to the Black Lives Matter looters who were pillaging the store. The business was left in “complete catastrophe after tonight’s looting,” according to livestreamer Brendan Gutenschwager who was at the scene. Gutenschwager deleted his tweet with the video of the worker handing out bags, but […]Read More

BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Rioters in Hollywood Chase Down and

Black Lives Matter rioters hopped in a car and chased down a white Prius who had attempted to maneuver through their protest — causing a car accident and physically attacking the driver. The shocking incident was captured by a local news helicopter. WATCH: A person driving a white Prius was chased down and by protesters […]Read More

Lancaster Police Release Body Camera Footage of Suspect With Knife

The Lancaster Police Department has released body camera footage of the adult male suspect lunging at police with a knife, prompting the fatal officer involved shooting. A violent mob of Black Lives Matter lunatics had already converged at the scene and began causing trouble before any information was released about the incident. The Department also […]Read More

Black Lives Matter Mob Harasses Diners at Outside DC Restaurants

Black Lives Matter protesters screamed at diners again on Saturday night in Washington DC. The BLM used bullhorns to scream at diners about their racism. Via RawsMedia Protesters are arguing with diners and mpd cops have showed up #dcprotest#dcprotests#blmprotest#ACAB#blm#Blacklivesmatter#JacobBlake#KenoshaProtestspic.twitter.com/sEc7XtLl0q — RawsMedia (@rawsmedia) August 30, 2020 The BLM mob was marching screaming, “No cops, no KKK, […]Read More

WATCH Portland Antifa/Black Lives Matter Threaten: ‘You’re Playing With Gang

Members of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa threatened and assaulted a group of men who showed up, while accusing them of being “fascists.” The militant leftists shined the lasers they have been using the blind officers in their eyes and threw projectiles while threatening them. #Portlandpic.twitter.com/pkk71kTWFz — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) August 16, 2020 At […]Read More

BREAKING: Portland Rioters Attempting to Break Into Police Union HQ,

Portland Black Lives Matter rioters were back at the Portland Police Association building and attempting to break in on Wednesday evening. Rioters smashed through the door last month and started a fire. 8/4/20 – North Portland: Police issue warning to protesters to stop trying to break into building. Credit: Streamworks ⁦@selfdeclaredrefpic.twitter.com/zZVty65FiX — Liz Jones (@LizJone26271417) […]Read More

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