BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Rioters in Hollywood Chase Down and

Black Lives Matter rioters hopped in a car and chased down a white Prius who had attempted to maneuver through their protest — causing a car accident and physically attacking the driver. The shocking incident was captured by a local news helicopter. WATCH: A person driving a white Prius was chased down and by protesters […]Read More

Building Owner Pulls Out of Contract on Minneapolis Police Precinct

Black Lives Matter torch the 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis. As we all know, burning down Minneapolis’ 3rd police precinct kicked off the nationwide leftist riots after George Floyd’s death. Since that time, the 3rd precinct has been looking for a temporary home. The plan to relocate the temporary 3rd precinct headquarters to a warehouse […]Read More

VIDEOS: Black Lives Matter Mob Swarms HOSPITAL Where Two Ambushed

Black Lives Matter mob swarmed the hospital where two ambushed police officers were being taken for treatment, blocked doorways, and attempted to force their way inside. As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, a man and a woman, are in surgery “fighting for their lives” after each was shot in […]Read More

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Black Lives Matter Activist Who Attempted to Kill

The Black Lives Matter activist who attempted to kill Trump supporter and Proud Boy Shane Moon has been arrested and will appear in court on Tuesday. As Gateway Pundit previously reported, witnesses had identified the driver Black Lives Matter activist “Robbie Smith,” a Portland-area barber and Black Lives Matter activist, who has posted calls for […]Read More

Denver Black Lives Matter Mobs Swarming Restaurants, Harassing Diners With

For a second night in a row, a Black Lives Matter mob is roaming through Denver and harassing restaurant patrons. Black Lives Matter has becoming increasingly less focused on protesting police, and more interested in harassing the general public. Denver larpers taking over restaurant. — Simulation Warlord (@zerosum24) September 6, 2020 “Dinner & a […]Read More

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