Sham Sentencing for two Uranium One defendants starts Weds !

by Harry the Greek Tim Caine (left) and Mark Warner, Senators from Virginia are shaking hands. Others are unidentified. Caine and Warner have top secret clearance. They were directly involved in covering up what really happened in the four Uranium One cases. Two of them, the Lambert and Condrey cases, are covered in this story. […]Read More

‘It is true’: Chinese ambassador backs Hillary Clinton tweet criticizing

by Spencer Neale  | March 21, 2020 Days after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ripped President Trump for what she called “racist rhetoric” toward China, a top ambassador from the country is agreeing with her sentiment. Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian backed the former Democratic presidential candidate in a two-line tweet responding to Clinton’s tirade […]Read More

‘Done our duty’: Christopher Steele refuses to cooperate with John

by Daniel Chaitin & Jerry Dunleavy | March 07, 2020 British ex-spy Christopher Steele declined to give an interview to U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team for its review of the Russia investigation. Representatives for Steele, whose unverified dossier was used by the FBI to obtain warrants to wiretap a member of President Trump’s 2016 campaign, were recently approached by […]Read More

Judicial Watch Victory: Federal Court Orders Deposition of Hillary Clinton

Court: ‘It is Time to Hear Directly from Secretary Clinton’ (Washington, DC) Judicial Watch today announced that U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth granted Judicial Watch’s request to depose former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about her emails and Benghazi attack documents. The court also ordered the deposition of Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills and two other […]Read More

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