• January 16, 2022

Assassinations Continue Investigative Project on Terrorism

by Hany Ghoraba Special to Investigative Project on Terrorism March 1, 2021 Lebanon is a country marred by a myriad of calamities, from terrorism and assassinations, to massive nuclear-like explosions that devastated Beirut in August. Political assassinations have shaken the country’s political spectrum since 2004. Many of these assassinations target critics of Hizballah, its Iranian […]Read More

A Harrowing Look at Buffalo Public Schools’ Anti-White and Anti-Fact

By Hans Bader | February 25, 2021 In their new curriculum, the Buffalo Public Schools claim that “all white people” perpetuate systemic racism. The curriculum makes kindergarteners watch a disturbing video of dead black children, warning them about the danger of being killed by “racist police and state-sanctioned violence.” The school district’s diversity czar, who developed this new […]Read More

Israel Bashers’ Straw Man Argument Targets Facebook’s Rumored Anti-Zionist Policy

by Ariel Behar Investigative Project on Terrorism February 24, 2021 You can say you don’t like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Facebook, or any other social media platform, won’t look twice. You can criticize Israeli policy toward Palestinians.   But according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the U.S. State Department and others, if […]Read More