• April 17, 2021

Breaking Update from Attorney Lin Wood on SCOTUS Lawsuits –

The US Supreme Court was set to consider President Trump’s voter fraud cases in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan on Friday. These three cases are on the Supreme Court docket for Friday. SCOTUS Conference today includes Trump’s Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Election Fraud cases.#MAGApic.twitter.com/qHR714K1IN — Vernon (@ReduxVernon) February 19, 2021 Here is more on today’s Supreme […]Read More

Memo Is Just The Beginning, How Do You Set The

X22 Report January 22, 2021 472,155 Views The patriots are now setting the stage for public opinion. Trump declassified the cross fire hurricane investigation, information is being dripped out, to prepare the public for what is coming. The memo is just the beginning, more is on its way. This will set the narrative and make […]Read More

Attorney Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Document on Massive 2020

Kraken 2.0: Attorney Sidney Powell released an explosive document on foreign interference to Zenger News this week. The document includes 270 pages of affidavits, evidence and testimony from numerous witnesses and sources. The 270 page document details election fraud, names and all! The document includes military and alphabet testimony, and details everything from interference, to […]Read More

A Focus on the Georgia Election Fraud – President Trump

s we’ve reported for more than a month, the election fraud in Georgia was beyond belief.  Fraud occurred in every imaginable avenue.  Every fraud technique was used and it occcured throughout the states, especially in Atlanta’s Fulton County.  Share this video with any doubters that you know.  This video proves election fraud in Georgia – […]Read More

President Donald Trump Calls For Protest in DC on Jan

In a 1:42 AM tweet on Saturday, President Donald Trump promoted a “big protest” in DC against the election fraud that appears to have taken place in November. President Trump included a link to a Washington Examiner story about Peter Navarro’s 36-page report alleging election fraud that was “more than sufficient” to swing the victory. […]Read More

UPDATE: They’re Screwing Trump AGAIN! — DNI Notified “By Career

This is HUGE breaking news– CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge reported Wednesday that DNI John Ratcliffe told CBS “that there was foreign election interference by China, #Iran, and Russia in November of this year.” CBS Reporter: What did Ratcliffe say about election fraud and interference? Catherine Herridge: Well DNI Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies and […]Read More

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