• May 18, 2021

The Catholic Church is Under Attack and Is Being Used

The Christian faith in America is under attack and has been for some time.  Some of these coordinated attacks are backed by billionaire George Soros. Earlier this week we reported on a pregnant woman who was kicked out of Dallas church for not wearing a face mask even though there is no such requirement in […]Read More

Crazy Mask Karen Goes Berserk in Walmart – Screams at

A crazy mask Karen went berserk in a Post Falls, Idaho Walmart over the weekend when she spotted customers without their faces covered. The enraged, overweight woman began screaming at a group of teenagers: “You guys are abusing your freedom! Stop it!” the woman screamed as she punched the teen boy who was recording her […]Read More

Bath & Body Works Manager No Longer Working at Store

A Scottsdale, AZ Bath & Body Works manager is no longer working at the company after cursing at a customer wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ face mask. Bath & Body Works is a retailer under the L Brands umbrella that sells body lotions, body wash, candles and other personal care products. Jeremiah Cota, a Director of […]Read More

Oregon County Exempts Non-White People From Mandatory Face Mask Order

Lincoln County, Oregon announced last week that residents must wear a face covering in public if they are unable to ‘socially distance’ to help stop the spread of COVID-19. However, only white people are subjected to the tyranny. On Tuesday, the public health officials announced that non-white people are exempted from the new mandatory face […]Read More

Unhinged Protester From CHAZ Wears Orange Peel as Face Mask,

A female protester from Seattle’s “CHAZ” or “CHOP” was seen wearing an orange peel as a face mask. The unhinged woman seemed to be angered by a street preacher and gave her the middle finger. She then walked up to the person recording her and punched him. This is what Seattle’s Mayor calls a summer […]Read More

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