• July 31, 2021

How to Fight Back Against Racist Attacks on White Americans

Looks like Jim Hoft’s piece from Sunday (Sounds Racist: McDonald’s Will Punish Executives if They Hire Too Many White Men) is not an isolated example of a new form of corporate racism. Gone to hell is Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of seeing people judged by the content of their heart and their conduct rather […]Read More

Sidney Powell Spotted at White House Again as Trump Huddles

Sidney Powell Attorney Sidney Powell was back at the White House again on Monday afternoon. This is Powell’s 3rd visit to the White House in the last 4 days. Four people briefed on events said Sidney Powell was back at the White House again today, for third time in four days. — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) […]Read More

VIDEO: Sen. Tom Cotton Sets up War Room to Fight

Senator Tom Cotton on Friday launched his Supreme Court War Room to fight against the toxic left in the Senate and liberal mainstream media. President Trump will announce his third pick for the Supreme Court on Saturday at 5 PM Eastern. The left is ready to pounce and attempt to destroy the female nominee. They […]Read More

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