Minneapolis Mayor Asks for National Guard After Night of Riots

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) has asked Governor Tim Walz (D) to deploy National Guard troops after riots broke out and fires set in south Minneapolis during protests over the videotaped police killing Monday of George Floyd by an officer kneeling on his neck until he was dead. Floyd was arrested on suspicion of “forgery […]Read More

Savage Animals Looting in Minneapolis Violently Attack Old Lady in

Savage animals looting a Minneapolis Target during a riot over “police brutality” attacked an elderly white woman in a wheelchair on Wednesday evening. The person who posted the video claimed that the nearly immobile woman was “stabbing people,” though it appeared she was attacked for being in the way of looters trying to get out […]Read More

Tucker Carlson: CNN And MSNBC Peddling Panic, Not Science Or

CNN and MSNBC have done everything they can over the last few months to politicize the Coronavirus crisis. They have blamed Trump, and his supporters, accused them of being stupid and selfish. They have stoked fear over Republican governors opening their states and have tried to make the shutdowns go on longer. Tucker Carlson did […]Read More

DOJ Closes Insider-Trading Probe Into Senators Feinstein, Loeffler, Inhofe

Dianne Feinstein The Justice Department closed its insider-trading investigation into Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and James Inhofe (R-OK). The FBI investigation into Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) however is still ongoing. In March, news broke that Republican senators Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, and Jim Inhofe sold significant stock shares following a January 24th […]Read More

UPDATE: Study Finds Just 1.8% of US Population is in

(Source: G. Girvan / FREOPP; Graphic: A. Roy / FREOPP) n updated study revealed 42% of all US coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes. That comes out to over 40,000 Deaths in Nursing Homes! That is a bloodbath!! Another 60,000 deaths were outside of nursing homes. Which is what you might expect from a typical […]Read More

Texas Is Open And Governor Greg Abbott Says State Has

Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, has reopened the state and things are going well there. He says that their Coronavirus death rate is way down, and so is their hospitalization rate. FOX News reports: Abbott says Texas has fewest coronavirus fatalities since March, fewest hospitalizations since April Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that […]Read More

CNBC Reporter: Biden Is Offering Most Expensive Tax Plan Of

Joe Biden is presented by Democrats and the media as a moderate, but that’s simply not true. His tax plan is ridiculously expensive. It would spend trillions more than even Hillary Clinton’s tax plan in 2016. Robert Frank of CNBC recently laid it all out. The Washington Free Beacon reports: CNBC Reporter: Biden Tax Plan […]Read More

James Clapper Even Lied in his Memoir About General Flynn

James Clapper is a serial liar. In April 2019 former DNI Clapper said Bill Barr’s accusations that the Obama administration was spying on Trump was “stunning and scary.” Then the following month, in May, he admitted it was true I missed this from last Friday — Clapper on whether the FBI spied on the Trump […]Read More

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