• December 3, 2021

Large Group of BLM Activists Protest NYC Vaccine Mandate; Chant

The rushed vaccines have caused a massive divide within the United States, primarily along political lines, but recent revelations are proving that it goes even deeper than right or left. Two key groups that Democrats rely on to win elections – Black (43%) and Hispanic Americans (48%) – are the least likely of any racial […]Read More

Megadeth Rocker Tells Audience ‘We Have The Power To Push

When it comes to the world of entertainment, Hollywood is overwhelmingly left wing. But the music business is a little different. At a recent Megadeth concert, lead singer Dave Mustaine called out the tyranny of our government and reminded people that they have the power to push back. It’s so refreshing to hear someone in […]Read More

“At Some Level He Must Know He Lost the Election”

Unbelievable.  Georgia’s Secretary of State responds to the President of the United States again with disdain and dishonor again while lying about the 2020 Election in Georgia.  This man must be possessed. Last Friday President Trump sent a letter to the corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger this time listing 43,000 ballots from the […]Read More

Dirty DC Judge Emmett Sullivan Blocks Trump-Era Rule Banning Illegal

Corrupt DC Judge Emmett Sullivan blocked a Trump-era expulsion of migrant illegal alien families caught crossing the border into the United States. Democrats and crooked DC Judge Emmett Sullivan believe in open borders. Last month over 200,000 illegal aliens from all over the world were apprehended at the open US southern border.   Corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan […]Read More

Nicki Minaj Says She Was Locked Out of Twitter Shortly

Nicki Minaj caused quite a stir on Twitter this week after urging people to “pray on it” and not let people bully you into getting a vaccine if it is not right for you. Minaj says that she has now been locked out of her Twitter account. Apparently @NICKIMINAJ is in Twitter jail. Can we […]Read More

BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Will Remain Governor of California

It has been announced that California Governor Gavin Newsom will remain in office following the recall election. When the Associated Press called the election for Newsom, the noes were leading with 67 percent of the vote. Though just 62 percent of ballots had been counted, Newsom addressed his supporters at the State Capitol in Sacramento. […]Read More

Biden’s Handlers Say He Went Golfing While Americans Are Stranded

Joe Biden went golfing on Sunday after leaving Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Biden golfed with former Senator Ted Kaufman at Fieldstone Golf Club in Delaware. and Jack Owens — Pat Ward (@WardDPatrick) September 12, 2021 Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday admitted Americans are being held hostage by the Taliban. “The Taliban […]Read More

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