• May 18, 2021

TIME FOR ACTION! New Hampshire House Election Law Committee to

Guest post by Ken Eyring in New Hampshire– If you want election integrity in Windham, NH… then TAKE ACTION!  NOW!!!  It’s not tough to get out of that comfort zone… just do it!  The past several months have been filled with others doing the heavy lifting seeking answers to the “Windham Incident”. Last week ended with the excellent […]Read More

Maricopa County Releases Junk Audit Reports – 12% Ballot Adjudication

Guest post by Mark Maricopa County in Arizona recently released reports by two vendors who conducted election audits in early February. Witnesses working at the (MCTEC) Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center testified that 12% of all ballots were being sent to adjudication. Numerous supervisors offered this data when struggling to assign this large amount […]Read More

Larry C. Johnson: Joe Biden – The Art of the

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson Joe Biden may not be the brightest light bulb in the tanning bed, he he knows how to work the Washington incest and looting system, which operates under the guise of lobbying but is really about selling access. Joe Biden sold out his country so that he could enrich […]Read More

Larry C. Johnson: There Is an Unprecedented Gun and Ammo

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson There is a quiet revolution underway across the United States that signals how the average American is reacting to the Democrat campaign of supporting rioting and chaos in major cities. American citizens are arming themselves to the teeth and this includes many who previously supported gun control measures. If […]Read More

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