• March 7, 2021

Who Actually Believes This BS Story? Joe Biden Explains How

Who actually believes this story? Joe Biden supposedly slipped and fractured his foot while playing with his German shepherd named Major on Saturday. But he hid it from the media for a full 24 hours. Joe Biden’s team also tried to block the media by maneuvering a press van so that reporters and photogs couldn’t […]Read More

Firm Linked To Joe Biden Scrubs Website Of All China

One of the main criticisms by conservatives of Joe Biden over the last 12 months is that he has too many questionable ties to China. Some have even suggested that Biden is even compromised by his ties to China, and can’t fairly represent the United States. Now a firm linked to Biden, through someone he […]Read More

“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden Doesn’t Know the “P” in “Psalmist”

78-year-old Joe Biden delivered a Thanksgiving Eve Teleprompter message on Wednesday. Only 1,000 people watched his statement live. Nobody cares what this senile fool has to say but we clipped one of the highlights from Biden’s disaster Teleprompter message. Joe Biden, you know, the “devout Catholic” Irishman from Scranton pronounced “Psalmist” – “Palmist.” “Devout Catholic” […]Read More

Four Joe Biden Supporters Greet Him on Highway — But

Their lies are so obvious it’s become abusive. They really don’t care. Joe Biden delivered a Thanksgiving Day Teleprompter message on Wednesday. Only 1,000 people watched his statement live. Via Don’tWalkRun. WOW! 1000 viewers? Yet, we’re supposed to believe he got 80 million votes? Yeah sure. pic.twitter.com/KJt0k2cQkh — Andrew @ Don’t Walk, RUN! Productions (@DontWalkRUN) […]Read More

WATCH: AOC Demands Joe Biden To Enact Policies From The

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke to her supporters about forcing Joe Biden to pass the controversial Green New Deal legislation. AOC stated, “That’s what our next move is, to make sure that the Biden administration keeps its promise, kept its promise to young people, kept its promise to Black lives, kept his promise to communities and working […]Read More

BREAKING: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Claim They Are Receiving

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris claim they are scheduled to receive a national security briefing on Tuesday, despite the fact that the election results are still being challenged and ballots are still being counted. Forbes reporter Andrew Solender tweeted a press release from the “transition team” about the meeting on Monday evening. NEW: @JoeBiden and […]Read More

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