• December 8, 2021

THERE IT IS: Joe Biden Admits During Town Hall “I’m

Joe Biden held a town hall on ABC hosted by Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos. George Stephanopoulos asked Joe Biden his view on packing the Supreme Court. Joe Biden has been dodging this question for several weeks and he recently said voters “don’t deserve” to know whether he will destroy the US Constitution by altering an […]Read More

President Trump ROASTS China Joe at Sanford, FL Rally (VIDEO)

President Trump UNLOADED on Joe Biden at his first rally back since his coronavirus diagnosis and recovery. During the massive rally before THOUSANDS in Sanford, Florida President Trumptook apart the faltering Democrat. President Donald Trump: Joe Biden, not a nice guy by the way, not a nice guy. He had a very bad day today, […]Read More

HOLY HELL! Joe Biden Looks Like Death in Erie, Pennsylvania

On Saturday Joe Biden held a small rally with about 12-20 people in Erie, Pennsylvania, including staff. Here’s a screenshot from the Saturday rally During his speech AP reporter Carolyn Castor took this photo of the former Vice President. The photos posted in the Boston Globe for a short time before it was replaced. And […]Read More

Joe Biden: “I’m Going to Accept the Outcome of the

Joe Biden on Saturday evening told reporters he was going to accept the outcome of the 2020 election “without any questions.” Earlier on Saturday Biden told supporters at a stop in Erie, Pennsylvania, “The only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on with regard to polling places.” Biden later clarified his comments […]Read More

Joe Biden Falsely Claims “18,000 People Got Clemency” While He

Joe Biden on Monday tried to defend his inaction on criminal justice reform during a NBC News town hall. Joe Biden falsely claimed “18,000 people got clemency” while he was Vice President. Actually, 18,000 were *denied* clemency while he was Vice President. Of course NBC town hall host Lester Holt didn’t push back on Biden’s […]Read More

Black Chairman of Proud Boys Speaks Out after Liars Joe

For months now violent leftists, antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter have been torching businesses, terrorizing communities, shooting cops, looting stores and rioting in cities across America. But at last night’s debate Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump denounce white supremacist violence in our streets. And Joe Biden added that Trump needed to condemn the […]Read More

Joe Biden Says “Antifa is an Idea” – After Antifa-BLM

Joe Biden told lie after lie tonight in the first presidential debate from his Burisma multi-million dollar scandals, to his support for the Green New Deal, to his lies about President Trump and the troops. One of his biggest lies was when he called the Antifa domestic terrorist group — “an idea.” Trump vs Biden […]Read More

OH HELL NO! Joe Biden Says He Could Stay at

This didn’t get much attention but it does display what Joe Biden thinks of black people. During a recent unscripted presser Joe Biden told the audience the reason he was able to stay sequestered at home during the pandemic was because black women stocked the grocery shelves. Wow! Omg this is GOLD!!! “OH HELL NO” […]Read More

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