• January 16, 2022

CNN Pushes Joe Biden As A ‘Man Of Faith’ Who

This is just so typical. The liberal media mocks and disrespects people of faith in America all the time. But now that we have an election coming up, CNN rushes in to prop up Joe Biden as some sort of deeply religious man, suggesting he can appeal to evangelicals. From CNN: Joe Biden is a […]Read More

New Poll Finds 38 Percent Of Voters Believe Joe Biden

Joe Biden is not the man he used to be. This is obvious to anyone who watches him try to string a sentence together these days. A new poll confirms that people see this for what it is. The Washington Examiner reports: Poll: 20% of Democrats ‘think Biden has dementia,’ 38% among all voters Joe […]Read More

It Happened Again… Joe Biden Starts Talking to a Recording

This was awkward. Back in May Joe Biden tried to talk to a pre-recorded questioner during a virtual town hall. Things got awkward when MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell played a pre-recorded question from a viewer. Biden tried talking to the pre-recorded questioner. WATCH: WATCH: Joe Biden tries to talk to pre-recorded questioner pic.twitter.com/nsPVVWtt8y — Trump […]Read More

Pompeo Trolls John Bolton After Fired NatSec Advisor Says He

Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Mike Pompeo trolled John Bolton after the fired National Security Advisor told the Daily Telegraph he would likely vote for Joe Biden. Earlier Sunday afternoon, The Daily Telegraph reported that John Bolton told the paper in an exclusive interview that he would be voting for Joe Biden. Bolton’s spokesperson released […]Read More

“If You Want to Look at the Devices of the

Yesterday a video went viral of a black woman absolutely destroying a woke white liberal in the streets of Seattle on Biden versus Trump. “If I had to pick between [Trump] and Joe Biden. I am not voting in Joe Biden. You want to see black people go to jail by the next 4 years? […]Read More

REPORT: Joe Biden Faces Major Enthusiasm Gap In Home State

Joe Biden was a Senator for Delaware before becoming Obama’s VP but his home state is Pennsylvania. You may have heard Biden referred to as ‘Scranton Joe’ in the past. But now it’s coming to light that he may not be able to deliver Pennsylvania to the Democrats this fall. Trump won the state in […]Read More