• January 20, 2021

Pro-Trump Marine Goes Off on DC Police After They Mace

pro-Trump Marine went off on the DC Police after officers maced Stop the Steal protesters the night before Wednesday’s big rally. Police have been using a very heavy hand with Trump supporters to protect the Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants who are gathered in BLM Plaza. “You lost both sides of support. We had […]Read More

90 Street Thugs Sued for Damage Done to Local Cincinnati

A Cincinnati real-estate company is suing 90 violent street thugs who were arrested during the May 30th Black Lives Matter riots in downtown Cincinnati. The plaintiffs claim the 90 rioters arrested should pay for damages to dozens of businesses that were vandalized in the BLM rioting. FOX 19 reported: A lawyer representing a Downtown Cincinnati […]Read More

“You’ve Got to Usher Out God to Usher in Immorality

Outkick sports reporter Jason Whitlock joined Laura Ingraham Friday night on The Ingraham Angle. Laura asked Jason on to discuss the firing of Illinois State coach Kurt Beathard. Coach Beathard, a devout Christian, was fired after he replaced a “Black Lives Matter” sign taped on his door with a sign that read “All Lives Matter […]Read More

BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Rioters Looting in Milwaukee (VIDEOS)

Black Lives Matter rioters looted in Milwaukee on Thursday evening after a black police officer in the state was cleared for shooting a black teenager during an incident in January. The riots began in Wauwatosa, where the officer-involved shooting occurred. It is approximately ten minutes outside of Milwaukee. Coffee station toppled inside Speedway as another […]Read More

Breaking: St. Louis Grand Jury Indicts McCloskeys Add Extra Charge

Attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey were indicted on Tuesday for “exhibiting guns at protesters” and for a new charge of “tampering with evidence.” They dared to brandish guns when Black Lives Matter goons broke the gate to their community KMOV reported: Mark and Patricia McCloskey were indicted on Tuesday by a St. Louis City grand […]Read More

Peaceful Black Lives Matter – Antifa Goons Hurl Explosives at

The Black Lives Matter – Antifa mob was back out on the streets of Seattle on Saturday night. The violent mob was vandalizing local businesses and hurled explosives at police. The Seattle police issued a dispersal order after the mob caused extensive property damage to a business. Police continued to chase “the idea known as […]Read More

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