• December 4, 2021

Dr Shiva’s Open Forum on Maricopa County Audit: “Why Are

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D. SMVS, SMME, SBEE invited Maricopa County elections officials to an open dialog to discuss ballot anomalies and provide explanations to the Nation. REMINDER: Happening NOW: Dr. Shiva Invites Maricopa Election Officials to Open Dialog on Audit Results Maricopa County Officials failed to appear and give answers. Dr. Shiva brought Phil […]Read More

Never-Trump Group Led by Bill Kristol Releases New Anti-Trump Ad

On Tuesday a new ad by “Republicans for Voting Rights” started playing on national TV including Newsmax TV. The ad stars two prominent Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who both claim to be Republicans. In the ad Bill Gates deceptively says there was no evidence of fraud in the […]Read More

AUDIT ALL COUNTIES: AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem – Pima

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem wants a full forensic audit investigation into the Pima County 2020 election in Arizona. This is more important than ever after the damning Maricopa County audit report showed massive election integrity issues. THEY CAUGHT THEM AND THE CROWD CHEERED!! AZ Audit Team CAUGHT Maricopa County Officials DELETING COMPUTER ELECTION FILES — […]Read More

AZ Audit Finds Proof of Pre-Meditated Fraud: Multiple Ballots Had

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. PhD, the Inventor of Email, was the first presenter Friday afternoon at the Arizona Senate Audit. Dr. Shiva and his team at Echomail investigated the mail-in ballot envelopes from Maricopa County. He demonstrated the bombshell results of his team’s research – including evidence over 17,000 duplicate ballots – and he addressed issues […]Read More

President Donald Trump Responds to Arizona Audit Results: “I will

President Donald Trump released a new statement regarding the recently concluded hearing on Arizona Forensic audit. The 45th President promised to discuss it at his rally tomorrow in Georgia. Today, we finally saw the long-awaited results from the Arizona Senate’s historic full forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election. The result shows that there […]Read More

“This is Our New Declaration of Independence” – Wendy Rogers

Today, we finally saw the long-awaited results from the Arizona Senate’s historic full forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election. Hundreds of Arizonans showed up to attend the audit report’s grand reveal. The gallery on the inside of the chamber was full and a large crowd watched the livestream video from outside the building […]Read More

AZ Audit Member Ben Cotton Reveals Significant Internet Activity by

CyFIR Founder and IT analyst Ben Cotton delivered explosive testimony Friday during the Senate audit team’s report on 2020 Maricopa County elections. Ben Cotton confirmed that despite earlier claims by Maricopa County officials the Dominion voting machines were in fact connected to the internet. Ben Cotton reminded the audience that the previous audits by EAS […]Read More

Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas Speaks After Dr. Shiva –

Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas shared at the Senate presentation in Arizona after Dr. Shiva in the audit of the 2020 results in Maricopa County.  Doug Logan began his presentation by providing an overview of the process his team took in performing their work related to the audit of the 2020 Election results of Maricopa […]Read More

SICK: FOX Host Bret Baier Uses Maricopa County Official Who

Earlier tonight President Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington joined FOX News host Bret Baier to discuss the latest results announced by the forensic auditors in their explosive testimony on the historic Maricopa County forensic audit. During her segment, Liz pointed out all of the fraudulent numbers coming from Maricopa County.  She also reported on the 100 […]Read More

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