• December 3, 2021

Antifa Goons Get Beat Up at “We Are Israel” Rally

Antifa goons brawled and got beat up at a “We Are Israel” rally in El Cajon, California over the weekend where Mike Pompeo spoke. Dozens of Antifa thugs dressed in black bloc showed up to the rally in SoCal to cause problems. The two sides brawled and the conservatives gave Antifa a good beating. Antifa […]Read More

China is the Greatest Existential Threat to the US –

President Trump’s Secretary of State had much to say about Biden’s ‘childish’ actions with China this past week. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared some thoughts this past week about China: Allowing China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics would give the communist nation a boost in credibility similar to the 1936 Summer Games […]Read More

Maduro Regime Releases Video of Captured US Mercenary Luke Denman

The Venezuelan military captured two U.S. citizens who took part in a failed attempt over the weekend to entered the country by sea and Socialist Tyrant President Nicolas Maduro. Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo denied on Wednesday that the United State was involved in the so-called “Gedeon Operations.”  Pompeo added, “If we had been […]Read More

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