• December 3, 2021

New York City Cancels Theodore Roosevelt – Is Sending His

New York City recently removed a statue of Thomas Jefferson from their city hall. Now a statue of Theodore Roosevelt is on the chopping block. The statue, which stands outside the Museum of Natural History, is going to be sent off to North Dakota. Leftists are actively erasing American history from public view. The New […]Read More

Rudy Giuliani Shares the Truth – Clinton, Obama and Biden

The political clown show came to town today in New York City.  No grief just potential for the opportunity to look like they care. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, commented today on how some Presidents attended the 9-11 ceremony today in New York for their own political gain. New York City […]Read More

JUST IN: Eric Adams Wins Democrat Nomination For Mayor of

Eric Adams won the Democrat nomination for Mayor of New York City, the Associated Press reported Tuesday evening. Last week the NYC Mayoral primary devolved into chaos after the Board of Elections announced there was a “discrepancy” in the vote count. The vote tally last Tuesday afternoon showed Eric Adams leading Kathryn Garcia by approximately […]Read More

New York City Continues to Meltdown From a Blowtorch of

The wave of violence sweeping through Democrat controlled cities shows no signs of diminishing. The woke politics of the left is sowed seeds of chaos that is now sprouting into rampant, unchecked violence. Here’s the latest tally for New York City and Chicago: New Yorkers saw 21 shootings that injured 26 people between Friday and […]Read More

Man Tackles Woman to the Ground and Sexually Assaults Her

Violent crime and murder are skyrocketing in New York City under Democrat De Blasio’s leadership. A man tackled a woman to the ground and sexually assaulted her while she was out for a walk in Brooklyn this week. Surveillance video shows a man jump on a 35-year-old woman he had been following in Williamsburg, pin […]Read More

Vote By Mail Chaos: New York City Sends Wrong Name

The New York City Board of Elections is blaming a vendor for an egregious error on absentee ballots mailed to voters in Brooklyn that could cause their votes to be thrown out–even if they follow the rules to the letter. The reason is that the absentee ballots were sent out with return envelopes that were […]Read More

New York City Voters Receive Mail-in Ballots Marked for Military

New York City voters are receiving mail-in ballots marked for military despite never serving in the US military. This is the same state that took six weeks to decide a primary election in Carolyn Maloney’s district in New York City. TROUBLE ALREADY? Some Voters in NYC Wrongly Receive ‘Military Mail-In Ballots’ for 2020 Election https://t.co/oaVWAVKllI […]Read More

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