• November 29, 2021

State school board groups distance themselves from Garland’s parent protest

OCTOBER 12, 2021 11:17 AM  BY JERRY DUNLEAVY At least 11 state-level school board groups are now distancing themselves from or outright condemning a National School Boards Association letter to President Joe Biden that called upon the Justice Department to investigate allegations of threats and violence at school board meetings. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo earlier this month warned of […]Read More

We May Have Left Afghanistan, Mr. President, But We Are

by Pete Hoekstra Investigative Project on Terrorism September 23, 2021 This article originally was published by the Gatestone Institute. I never liked that term, “war on terror.” Terrorism is a tactic; it is not the enemy we fought every day. The term has done more to confuse us than enlighten us. [O]ne can see why the phrase […]Read More

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