• December 3, 2021

Report: British Troops Are Now Rescuing Americans Trapped in Kabul

The Biden Administration and woke US military elites refuse to leave the Kabul airport premises to rescue the thousands of stranded Americans in Kabul, Afghanistan. French and British soldiers are being sent out to rescue their countrymen who are trapped inside the city. Over the past 48 hours, the elite tactical unit of the French […]Read More

Rest In Peace – Former FBI Agent James Kallstrom Dies

Rest in peace James Kallstrom Over the past few years, James Kallstrom was the one voice from the FBI who led you to believe the FBI still had hope. In an interview with FOX Business legend Lou Dobbs, Kallstrom called Jim Comey a total narcissist and more. [Jim Comey] An educated nitwit and he promoted […]Read More

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