• January 19, 2022

WATCH: Surveillance Video of Antifa Terrorist Shooting Proud Boy Tusitala

Washington – The Olympia Police Department on Friday released surveillance video of Antifa dressed in black bloc shooting Proud Boy Tusitala “Tiny” Toese. Last weekend the Proud Boys and other right-wing protesters had been facing off with members of Antifa who showed up to antagonize a medical freedom rally. Toese was reportedly attempting to chase […]Read More

VIDEO: SHOTS FIRED At Portland Dueling Protests between Antifa and

The much-ballyhooed dueling protests in Portland are finally living up the billing, as sounds of gunfire are now ringing out in downtown. That’s right, apparently, someone is shooting at someone, which is likely to be connected to the Antifa vs. Proud Boys brawl. Mason Lake Media caught it on video: SHOTS FIRED! #Portlandpic.twitter.com/3DP8xRGw6v — Mason […]Read More

Oregon Police Declare Riot as Chaotic Brawl Breaks Out Between

Proud Boys and far-left Antifa militants brawled at Clackamette Park near Portland on Friday afternoon. According to reports, the Proud Boys were holding a “voter registration” drive when Antifa militants showed up to cause trouble. “You made us be what we are,” a Proud Boys leader said during a stand off with Antifa. VIDEO: “You […]Read More

Another Democrat Narrative Goes up in Flames – Ex-Capitol Police

Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund dropped a bombshell on lawmakers on Tuesday in his opening statement during a hearing before the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees. Mr. Sund testified that according to intelligence gathered by law enforcement groups, members of the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups, ANTIFA and other extremist groups were expected to […]Read More

DC’s Hotel Harrington Closes for January 6 Pro-Trump March After

The Hotel Harrington and its companion Harry’s Bar will close for a three day period around the January 6 pro-Trump in Washington, D.C. The move comes after the hotel was called out by local liberal activists, elected officials and the Washington Post for serving as an unofficial headquarters for the Proud Boys during recent pro-Trump […]Read More

Reports of At Least Four Stabbed in DC Following Stop

t least four people have been stabbed in DC following the massive pro-Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, according to reports. Three people were stabbed in Washington DC tonight, during the Proud Boys rally. This person was stabbed on 11th street between E and F streets, just up the block away from Harry’s bar. Video by […]Read More

Chaos in DC: Antifa Attacking Trump Supporters With Fireworks, Mace

Chaos is unfolding in DC on Saturday evening, as Antifa lobbed fireworks and attacked random Trump supporters outside of their hotels following a massive Stop the Steal March. Thousands of Proud Boys are patrolling the streets and have repeatedly faced off with the far-left extremists. At least one Proud Boy was stabbed. Though Antifa are […]Read More

Stabbing Reported in DC As Proud Boys and Antifa Clash

One person was reported to have been stabbed in clashes between Antifa and the Proud Boys in downtown Washington, D.C. Saturday night. The victim was reportedly taken to a hospital with critical injuries. The clashes came after Antifa staged multiple attacks in the early evening on Trump supporters, including children, the elderly and Black Trump […]Read More

Black Chairman of Proud Boys Speaks Out after Liars Joe

For months now violent leftists, antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter have been torching businesses, terrorizing communities, shooting cops, looting stores and rioting in cities across America. But at last night’s debate Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump denounce white supremacist violence in our streets. And Joe Biden added that Trump needed to condemn the […]Read More