• December 3, 2021

Senate Democrats Unveil $3.5 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Bill – Will Attempt

What inflation? Senate Democrats unveiled a $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill that they will try to pass through “reconciliation” with ZERO Republican votes needed. This bill is in addition to the $1 trillion ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure, bill bringing the total spending to approximately $4.5 trillion. The Democrats can’t get rid of the filibuster so they are using […]Read More

BREAKING: DEMOCRAT LEADERS in NY State Senate Move to Strip

New York Senate Democrats moved on Wednesday to strip Governor Andrew Cuomo of his Emergency pandemic powers. This comes after news broke earlier tonight that the FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are reportedly investigating Governor Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes amid the Covid pandemic. NYT: Democrat Leaders in the New York State Senate are […]Read More

Democrats Block Republican Resolution Condemning Mob Violence (VIDEO)

Republicans in the Senate, led by Mike Lee, introduced a resolution this week, condemning mob violence. And Democrats blocked it. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez even denied the existence of such violence. Deseret News reports: Sen. Mike Lee accuses Democrats of being on the side of ‘dimwitted’ violent protesters Sen. Mike Lee charged Senate Democrats with […]Read More

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