• December 3, 2021

WATCH: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: 186 Legislators From 39

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers appeared on frankspeech.com with Brannon Howse and Bill Federer today to give an update on the Arizona audit. Senator Rogers’ ‘Audit 50 States Letter’ is rapidly gaining signatures from state legislators who embrace election integrity in almost every state. Rogers tweeted an update on Monday, stating that 186 legislators have now […]Read More

BREAKING: 138 Legislators From 38 States Sign “New Declaration Of

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers drafted a “New Declaration of Independence” calling for nationwide full forensic audits, decertification where appropriate, and a possible U.S. House Session to address the fraudulent election. Less than two weeks ago, Senator Rogers announced that 92 legislators from 31 states signed on. This movement is continuing to grow. AZ State Senator […]Read More


rizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is ready to go scorched earth on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The Gateway Pundit reported that Mark Brnovich sent a letter to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to begin his investigation into the fraudulent voter rolls. NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 […]Read More

State Senator Speaks Out As To Why He Put Up

Former State Senator Scott Wagner has said that billboards would be up for a period of two months. In an interview with Fox News Wednesday, former Pennsylvania state senator said that he had placed about 15 billboards in the area, each with an image of President Joe Biden dressed in military uniform and the slogan […]Read More

(VIDEO) U.S. Senate Candidate Jackson Lahmeyer Endorsed By AZ State

On Thursday night, U.S. Senate Candidate Pastor Jackson Laymeyer hosted Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers for an Audit The Vote rally. Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is taking on RINO Oklahoma Senator James Lankford in the 2022 election. Lahmeyer is endorsed by General Michael Flynn, Chairman of the Oklahoma RNC John Bennett, and Arizona State Senator Wendy […]Read More

UPDATE – New Location: Virginia Election Integrity & Full Forensic

Z State Senator Wendy Rogers and VA State Senator Amanda Chase will headline another election integrity event with Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase in Midlothian, Virginia. The Gateway Pundit reported this earlier but the event venue has changed to accommodate more people. Virginia Election Integrity & Full Forensic Audit Event With AZ State Sen. Wendy […]Read More

Two Arizona ‘Republican’ State Senators Kill Election Integrity Bill Before

rizona State Senators Michelle Ugenti-Rita and Paul Boyer voted with Democrats to kill State Senator Kelly Townsend’s SB1241, which had over 34 serious election integrity and security provisions. Senate Government Committee Chairwoman Michelle Ugenti-Rita led the charge in killing this bill claiming that it was ominous and “half-baked”. RINO Boyer previously co-sponsored a resolution to hold the […]Read More

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