• December 3, 2021

Pro-Trump Marine Goes Off on DC Police After They Mace

pro-Trump Marine went off on the DC Police after officers maced Stop the Steal protesters the night before Wednesday’s big rally. Police have been using a very heavy hand with Trump supporters to protect the Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants who are gathered in BLM Plaza. “You lost both sides of support. We had […]Read More

Reports of At Least Four Stabbed in DC Following Stop

t least four people have been stabbed in DC following the massive pro-Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, according to reports. Three people were stabbed in Washington DC tonight, during the Proud Boys rally. This person was stabbed on 11th street between E and F streets, just up the block away from Harry’s bar. Video by […]Read More

Chaos in DC: Antifa Attacking Trump Supporters With Fireworks, Mace

Chaos is unfolding in DC on Saturday evening, as Antifa lobbed fireworks and attacked random Trump supporters outside of their hotels following a massive Stop the Steal March. Thousands of Proud Boys are patrolling the streets and have repeatedly faced off with the far-left extremists. At least one Proud Boy was stabbed. Though Antifa are […]Read More

It’s Now Clear: Trump Will Win the Election — Democrats

As a Republican whenever you hear the words “ballot harvesting” you know you’ve lost the race. Democrats just stole the 2020 election in North Carolina and Republicans did not even put up a fight. President Trump may be leading in the polls but it doesn’t matter.  It won’t matter when the final votes are counted […]Read More

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