• October 24, 2021

January 6 Committee Votes 9-0 to Refer Steve Bannon to

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told his War Room audience last Friday he will not be testifying before the Jan. 6th Committee. President Trump urged his supporters to ignore the subpoenas to appear before the Democrat, and Liz Cheney’s, struggle session. The January 6 Congressional Committee responded to Bannon’s defiance by voting 9-0 to […]Read More

Democrat Party Files Lawsuit to Ensure They Can Steal All

The Democrat Party filed in court to demand mail-in voting laws that will ensure Democrats can steal all elections for the foreseeable future. Governor Wolf signed emergency legislation into law without the approval of the state leglislature in 2020 for mail-in voting. Republicans were not able to overturn this in the courts. BREAKING: US Supreme […]Read More

Chicago’s Bloody 4th of July Weekend: 92 Shot, 16 Fatally,

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Meanwhile in the Democrat hell hole of Chicago… 92 people were shot, 16 fatally in a bloody 4th of July weekend in Chicago. 6 children were among the injured in Chicago’s deadliest and most violent weekend of 2021. The Chicago Sun-Times reported: In the deadliest and most violent weekend this year […]Read More

They Fear the People — Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert: Pelosi

Freshman Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) joined Greg Kelly on Wednesday night following the vote on the Democrat Party’s $1.9 Trillion COVID relief bill. During the discussion, Representative Boebert told Greg Kelly that Pelosi will not allow any constituents inside the US Capitol to visit their representative. Rep. Lauren Boebert: I have constituents that can’t even […]Read More

“We Will NEVER EVER Concede – Because You STOLE THE

Steve Bannon WENT OFF on the Democrat Impeachment team after they admitted on Thursday that they are using the US military in Washington DC to enforce political speech. Bannon promised Democrats Trump Nation will NEVER, EVER concede because Democrats stole the election — And then bragged about it on the cover of TIME Magazine! Via […]Read More

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