• September 24, 2021

It Begins… Black Lives Matter Rioters Destroy Restaurants — Then

The Democrat Party’s shock troops were back out in the streets today in major US cities. According to the Washington Post, CNN and Fake News media these people are mostly peaceful. The mob in Rochester tonight stormed restaurants, broke glass, flipped restaurant tables and screamed at frightened diners. And later the BLM rioters started climbing […]Read More

Denver Black Lives Matter Is Popping Off: Mob Is Blocking

The Democrat Party shock troops were back out on the streets tonight in several American cities causing fear and destruction. In Denver the BLM mob marched down to the restaurant district and disrupted diners. The BLM mob disrupted patrons out for the night at suffering businesses. They don’t care. Denver pic.twitter.com/VZjrWH5YXi — special agent viti […]Read More

Larry C. Johnson: There Is an Unprecedented Gun and Ammo

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson There is a quiet revolution underway across the United States that signals how the average American is reacting to the Democrat campaign of supporting rioting and chaos in major cities. American citizens are arming themselves to the teeth and this includes many who previously supported gun control measures. If […]Read More

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