• January 19, 2022

HORROR! Far Left Mob Beat Christian Man WITH A STICK

Last week the Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park in St. Louis City. The radical left wants the St. Louis statue removed. Several priests showed up at the statue on Saturday to pray around the time of our rally. One local […]Read More

Mueller’s Star Witness George Nader Sentenced to 10 Years in

George Nader We reported previously that George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman and one of Mueller’s ‘star witnesses’ was charged in a Virginia federal court in July 2019 with additional child sex crimes. On Friday, a federal judge in Virginia sentenced Nader, 61, to 10 years in prison — the absolute minimum he could receive for […]Read More

National Park Police in DC Nowhere to Be Found as

The statue toppled by a mob in Washington, D.C. Friday night was federal property owned by the National Park Service just blocks from the Capitol, yet for hours as protesters gathered around the statue trying to pull it down Park Police were apparently not on scene. Park Police Officer Webster who answered a phone inquiry […]Read More

Angry Antifa Girl Arrested in Seattle After Lighting 5 Seattle

Antifa arsonist caught in Seattle Antifa member Margaret Aislinn Channon went missing in Presidio, Texas last year. Antifa member Margaret Aislinn Channon faces federal arson charges. She was reported missing in Texas last year. https://t.co/0A3C0wA6d6pic.twitter.com/NE0mV7rgLJ — Patriot Betty (@Patriot_Betty) June 12, 2020 Well, they found her this week! Margaret Aislinn Channon was arrested in Seattle […]Read More

BLM Supporters Attend Church Service and Get Baptized Where George

Woke Black Lives Matter supporters attended church services and even got baptized in Minneapolis where George Floyd died. A Minneapolis police officer was charged after killing George Floyd last month. George Floyd’s death sparked riots worldwide and he has been turned into some sort of saint despite his abysmal history of violent crimes. WATCH: Place […]Read More

“If You Want to Look at the Devices of the

Yesterday a video went viral of a black woman absolutely destroying a woke white liberal in the streets of Seattle on Biden versus Trump. “If I had to pick between [Trump] and Joe Biden. I am not voting in Joe Biden. You want to see black people go to jail by the next 4 years? […]Read More