• January 16, 2022

REPORT: A Year Into His Term, Biden Backers Are Not

The people who voted for Joe Biden are not happy. It has been almost a year since he was sworn in and he has little to show for his presidency. His supporters have even less. Anyone who has paid attention to American politics over the years could have told Biden supporters to be prepared for […]Read More

House Passes Sweeping Bill Making it Easier For Democrats to

The Democrat-controlled House on Wednesday night passed H.R. 1, a massive elections reform bill making it easier for Democrats to steal elections. The vote was 220-210. All Republicans voted “nay.” The House Democrats previously introduced the “For the People Act of 2021” which will ensure Democrats can count ballots for days and days after an […]Read More

The Democrat Gaslight Express

Yes, the Presidency was stolen from Donald Trump primarily from phony mail-in ballots introduced into a few key urban centers in pivotal swing states and counted with rigged machines. But that was only part of the plan. The people behind this silent coup also embarked on a massive propaganda deception campaign designed to keep Trump […]Read More

Democrat House Candidate In Texas: ‘If People Loot, So What?

Democrats are now siding with the people who are breaking the law. In Texas, Kim Olson is a Democrat running for a House seat. During a video conference this week, she came right out and said “Burn it to the ground.” Is this a person Texans want representing them? The Washington Examiner reports: Democratic House […]Read More