Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best to Resign Tomorrow Morning Following

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best will be resigning on Wednesday morning, following the city council voting to defund the police amid massive unrest. The news of Best’s resignation came one day after dozens of businesses were looted once again. Brandi Kruse of Seattle’s Q13 tweeted, “Seattle Police Chief @CarmenBest is going to resign, two sources […]Read More

BREAKING: Rioters Set Fire to Oakland Courthouse and Attack Police

Rioters in Oakland, California, set fire to the Alameda County Superior Courthouse and attacked the police station. Hundreds of people were in the streets of Oakland in solidarity with the rioters in Portland, who have been out in force for nearly 60 days straight. Small blaze set inside Alameda county courthouse. #oaklandprotest You may not […]Read More

DHS Head Chad Wolfe Visits Portland, Rips Officials, Day After

On the 98321048973242th consecutive night of protests in Portland, the demonstrators attempted once again to set up an “autonomous zone” similar to the debacle that transpired in Seattle. The Portland communists must be losing their touch, because they’ve unable to match their counterparts to the north, as the police repeatedly dismantle the zones and send […]Read More

Prominent Members Of Black Community Now Calling On NYPD To

Barely a month ago, leftists began their campaign to defund and abolish the police. In New York, after a string of violent crimes which in some cases have victimized babies, some members of the black community are already calling for a course reversal. Two prominent members of the black community in New York City want […]Read More

Anti-Police Leftist Protesters Chant “Dirty Jews” at Paris Rally

It’s not about the police. It’s about bringing an end to Western culture. Far left protesters in Paris chanted, “Dirty Jews!” at their rally in Paris this weekend. reported: Protesters shouted antisemitic chants, including “dirty Jews,” at a massive demonstration against racism in central Paris, France, on Saturday. The incident, which was caught on […]Read More

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