• December 3, 2021

Taliban Holds a Parade for ‘Islamic Emirate Army’ with US

Biden could not do any worse than he currently is doing to destroy the US.  Having a Taliban parade with US vehicles and helicopters handed over to them by Biden days before Veterans Day is simply horrible.  The Taliban held a military parade with US vehicles and helicopters given to them by the Biden/Obama Administration. […]Read More

State Senator Speaks Out As To Why He Put Up

Former State Senator Scott Wagner has said that billboards would be up for a period of two months. In an interview with Fox News Wednesday, former Pennsylvania state senator said that he had placed about 15 billboards in the area, each with an image of President Joe Biden dressed in military uniform and the slogan […]Read More

FOX News Dirtbag Chris Wallace Tries to Blame Trump for

In March 2009 Barack Obama reached out to the Taliban terrorist organization for peace talks. Joe Biden at the time told reporters “only 5% of the Taliban is incorrigible.” In August 2010 Barack Obama removed the Taliban from the national terror list. In May 2012 Barack Obama rewarded the Taliban terrorists with their own office […]Read More

Key Crossing Falls to Taliban and Opens Direct Access to

Days after The Washington Post, in an editorial about President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policy, editorialized that “tragedy appears to be unfolding more quickly than even many of the pessimists imagined,” Taliban troops cemented their hold on the deteriorating nation. The Taliban on Thursday seized an Afghan border crossing with Iran, according to The Associated Press, […]Read More

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