• January 19, 2021

TGP Photos: President Trump Rally in Butler, PA

President Trump held a massive rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday night as part of a four rally blitz that day in the Keystone state. An estimated total crowd of well over 50,000 attended the rally either inside or outside the Butler airport site of the rally. TGP was there and took photos. Fracking rig […]Read More

AMAZING! Minnesota Democrat Leaders Try to Keep Massive Crowd of

Minnesota Democrat leaders would NOT ALLOW President Trump to hold a rally with all of his supporters. Thousands signed up to attend the rally on Friday in Rochester but Democrat state leaders only allowed 250 people to attend… So a crowd of THOUSANDS turned out anyway outside the event! President Trump walked out to thank […]Read More

“Today, I went to a Trump rally” In Democrat Majority

100 Percent Fed Up  – If polls didn’t exist, who would you say was winning the election right now? It’s a serious question. Would it be the guy who has massive rallies every day, many of them spontaneous, or the guy who stays in his basement every day, drawing scant crowds the rare times he […]Read More

TGP Pro Shot Photos: President Trump Rally in Erie, PA

President Trump held a campaign rally last Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania. A massive MAGA crowd turned out on a chilly autumn day with a cool breeze off of Lake Erie that lifted flags high much of the evening. These photos are presented as a you-are-there travelogue for all the Trump supporters who can’t get to […]Read More

NY Times Hack Spouts Off After She Is Removed From

New York Times hack Kathy Gray attended the Trump Michigan rally on Thursday night so she could take swipes at the president and his supporters. Kathy Gray was tweeting out in the crowd “Not many masks.” Crammed in crowd in the rain for trump rally in michigan. Not many masks pic.twitter.com/5DZ6JBVNK8 — Kathy Gray (@michpoligal) […]Read More

‘Total Chaos’ Outside Trump Rally as Protesters Take Over Boulder

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec is describing the scene outside President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally as “total chaos” as protesters took over the street outside the convention center as supporters attempted to leave. The National Guard began to move in as the rally wrapped up and Trump supporters began to exit. Total chaos outside […]Read More

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