• September 24, 2021

Crazy Fired FBI Director Jim Comey Says Biden Should Pardon

Former and Fired FBI Director Jim Comey sure has a hard time keeping his thoughts and remarks consistent.  He’s doing it again. Earlier this week shamed former FBI Director Jim Comey said that President-elect Biden should pardon President Trump when he gets into office: Former FBI Director James Comey tells the @BBC that Biden should […]Read More

Antifa Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested for Plotting to Murder

Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker was arrested for plotting to murder Trump supporters and police on Inauguration Day. He trained in Syria in 2017 with the YPG, was featured on VICE, and in 2020 participated in the CHAZ insurrection in Seattle, per DOJ documents. Jack Posobiec broke the story Friday. Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker […]Read More

PURE EVIL: Democrats to Censure Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert

You knew this was coming. Democrats are planning to censure Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-TX) in the coming days for challenging the stolen 2020 election. Democrats want to pin the rioting in the US Capitol by Trump supporters and Antifa on the Republican lawmakers who HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! […]Read More

Former CIA Director John Brennan Calls for Mao-Like Public Humiliation

Former CIA Director John Brennan wants Mao-like public humiliation sessions for Trump supporters before they will be accepted back into society. Humiliation sessions for 75 million Americans! This is the former CIA Director! What a Marxist jackass. John Brennan must be VERY WORRIED about what President Trump has on him. Every politician, government official, journalist, […]Read More

“They’re Not Gonna Let Up and They Should Not” –

The fake news media continues to gaslight America. Unfortunately, too many Americans are willing to buy their propaganda and outright BS. President Trump told the violent protesters in the US Capitol on Wednesday to “go home.” Four Trump supporters were killed when protesters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday. One unarmed woman and veteran was […]Read More

DC Police Chief: 4 People Died Today as Trump Supporters

The Associated Press reported Wednesday night that a total of four people died today after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. DC police Chief Robert Contee said one woman was shot by Capitol Police and three others died in “medical emergencies.” WASHINGTON (@AP) — DC Police: 4 people died as Trump supporters occupied Capitol; 1 woman […]Read More

Pro-Trump Marine Goes Off on DC Police After They Mace

pro-Trump Marine went off on the DC Police after officers maced Stop the Steal protesters the night before Wednesday’s big rally. Police have been using a very heavy hand with Trump supporters to protect the Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants who are gathered in BLM Plaza. “You lost both sides of support. We had […]Read More

TWJ Exclusive: New Legal Memo Brings Hope to Trump Supporters

The Western Journal is presenting this memorandum, written by two prominent conservative legal scholars, essentially verbatim, with only enough editing to format it for the Op-Ed section of our website. This is the second memo by Messrs. Olson and McSweeney to be published exclusively by The Western Journal, and it, like the first, outlines a […]Read More

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