• October 16, 2021

Chaos in DC: Antifa Attacking Trump Supporters With Fireworks, Mace

Chaos is unfolding in DC on Saturday evening, as Antifa lobbed fireworks and attacked random Trump supporters outside of their hotels following a massive Stop the Steal March. Thousands of Proud Boys are patrolling the streets and have repeatedly faced off with the far-left extremists. At least one Proud Boy was stabbed. Though Antifa are […]Read More

Actor Matthew McConaughey Calls Out The Left For The Awful

It’s so rare that someone in Hollywood defends conservatives, that it’s newsworthy when it happens. During a recent video podcast, actor Matthew McConaughey called out the left for their mistreatment of conservatives and Trump supporters. It’s not clear that McConaughey is a Trump supporter himself, but he is more open minded than most in his […]Read More

HAPPENING NOW: California Trump Supporters Take Over Huntington Beach Pier

large crowd of Trump supporters have taken over Huntington Beach Pier in protest of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s curfew orders. The conservative enclave in Southern California has been home to many large protests over COVID restrictions in recent weeks. California is currently under a statewide mandatory 10 p.m. curfew, because apparently COVID gets extra dangerous at […]Read More

Arizona Governor Ducey Defends Signing Off on Fraudulent Election —

The Trump-hating Arizona Secretary of State on Monday certified the state’s false election results. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs previously called Trump supporters “neo-nazis.” Katie Hobbs rushed to certify the election results despite major concerns about voting machine security, statistically improbable vote dumps in Maricopa County and other irregularities. ARIZONA. Breaking: The state certifies 2020 […]Read More

FOX NEWS CRASHES! Viewers Cut in Half in 3 Weeks

Three weeks ago FOX News was riding high. It’s ratings had never been higher thanks to Donald Trump and his supporters. Then the fraudulent election took place and FOX immediately disowned their audience. Trump supporters were no longer welcome. And if anyone dared to question the fraudulent election they were immediately mocked and sneered at. […]Read More

Stabbing Reported in DC As Proud Boys and Antifa Clash

One person was reported to have been stabbed in clashes between Antifa and the Proud Boys in downtown Washington, D.C. Saturday night. The victim was reportedly taken to a hospital with critical injuries. The clashes came after Antifa staged multiple attacks in the early evening on Trump supporters, including children, the elderly and Black Trump […]Read More

What Is Bill Barr Going to Do?

There are a lot of Trump supporters who are very frustrated, even angry, with the silence of Attorney General Bill Barr in the wake of last Tuesday’s attempted Democrat heist of the Presidential election. But there are indications that Barr, who understands what it takes to fight the entrenched bureaucracy that is aligned with a […]Read More

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