• October 16, 2021

The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun

  If Joe Biden had run a real campaign and generated genuine enthusiasm, Trump voters would be unhappy with his victory but would acknowledge he had won. But Biden did not win. This election was stolen. And the fury and bitterness among Trump’s base is real and pervasive. So far, Trump supporters are keeping their […]Read More

Alex Jones Mobbed by Supporters As He Arrives At Arizona

Big Tech has done everything possible to cancel Alex Jones, but that isn’t stopping the crowd at the Arizona elections office protest from giving him a raucous welcome. The InfoWars founder arrived this evening, megaphone in hand, to bolster the passionate crowd of Trump supporters who are standing up to election fraud. “They tried to […]Read More

TGP Pro Shot Photos: President Trump Rally in Erie, PA

President Trump held a campaign rally last Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania. A massive MAGA crowd turned out on a chilly autumn day with a cool breeze off of Lake Erie that lifted flags high much of the evening. These photos are presented as a you-are-there travelogue for all the Trump supporters who can’t get to […]Read More

Trump Supporters in New Hampshire Receive Letters Threatening to Burn

Trump supporters in Milford and Brookline, New Hampshire received letters threatening to burn down their homes “should Trump not concede the election.” The homeowners who received the threatening letters displayed Trump 2020 signs on their yards. WMUR reported that police in Milford, New Hampshire are working with the US Postal Inspection Service to track down […]Read More

“Go Home Joe!” – Trump Supporters Tell Biden How They

Creepy Joe Biden traveled to Nevada on Friday and delivered remarks at two separate campaign events. Only a handful of people showed up to Biden’s speech in East Las Vegas. The entire event was cringe. Then Biden headed over to another part of town for a drive-in rally. Trump supporters came out to tell Biden […]Read More

MUST SEE: Massive MAGA Parade in New York City –

HUNDREDS of Trump supporters gathered in New York City for a MAGA Parade for the 45th President. The MAGA crowd was chanting “Four more years!” Obviously, the traffic was light thanks to the commie mayor who is destroying the city’s economy. You can find this video and much more at The Gateway Pundit Instagram page […]Read More

BEST PRESIDENT EVER! President Trump has Mark Meadows Hand Out

Mark Meadows hands out chocolates to Trump supporters. group of Trump supporters have gathered at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where President Donald Trump is undergoing treatment for COVID-19. The group organized quickly to show support for the president amid a sea of media filming outside the hospital. Jack Posobiec of One America News […]Read More

Trump Supporters March in Beverly Hills (Video)

A diverse crowd of Hundreds of Trump supporters marched in Beverly Hills, California Saturday in what has become a weekly demonstration of support for the President’s reelection. Videos and photos show a boisterous, peaceful crowd waving American flags and Trump flags, with some also waving flags of their native countries. Beverly Hills hype af for […]Read More

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