• September 24, 2021

UPDATE: #WalkAway Founder Attacked by BLM in Dallas – Mob

Brandon Straka and his #WalkAway movement held a massive rally in Dallas, Texas today. Hundreds of Trump supporters came out to hear former Democrats tell their stories about how they walked about from the Democrat Party. During the rally local Black Lives Matter activists stormed the stage. One young BLM activist put his fist in […]Read More

“There’s Gonna Be a Lot of Bloodshed When They Come”

A Democrat caller named “John” called into CSPAN this weekend and appeared to use the murder of black Republican Bernell Trammell in Milwaukee as a warning to Trump supporters and federal agents who may be sent to the city to quell leftist rioters. CSPAN Caller John: This morning a Trump supporter was killed. Was shot […]Read More

‘Total Chaos’ Outside Trump Rally as Protesters Take Over Boulder

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec is describing the scene outside President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally as “total chaos” as protesters took over the street outside the convention center as supporters attempted to leave. The National Guard began to move in as the rally wrapped up and Trump supporters began to exit. Total chaos outside […]Read More

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