• January 16, 2022

Joe Biden Leaves for Vacation with No Plans to Visit

A sixth victim died on Tuesday following the horrific attack by an anti-Trump Black Lives Matter supporter at the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade. Witnesses said on Tuesday that as the vehicle barrelled through the parade it picked up speed ** 18 Children were injured and sent to hospitals in the demonic attack. ** 62 individuals […]Read More

Person of Interest Identified in Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack —

A person of interest has been identified in Waukesha following the devastating Christmas Parade attack. The vehicle plowed through the parade this even running over dozens of people including women, dancers, and band members. The vehicle was spotted in a nearby driveway. Waukesha is a very conservative area in Wisconsin. Trump won Waukesha in 2020 […]Read More