• May 18, 2021

This “Fact Checker” Just Got Exposed to Be A Total

Dinesh D’Souza Whatever fact-checking sites do, it’s not fact-checking. Here’s Politifact’s top editor using a biased and absurd standard to minimize the deaths caused by Governor Andrew Cuomo. @AngieHolan @PolitiFact For full podcast: WATCH: https://rumble.com/ve2vct-erasing-tru…​ LISTEN: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast… Source LinkRead More

Bernie inspires racist, sexist rant By Don Frost

By Don Frost             Freshman Republican Rep. Mary Miller was taken to task recently for accurately citing Adolf Hitler’s words as a warning about the state of public education in America today. “ ‘Whoever has the youth has the future,’ ” she quoted him as saying, adding, “Our children are being propagandize.”             The Left […]Read More

Democrats mount vendetta to destroy GOP By Don Frost

  Donald Trump is in virtual exile, stripped of official power, lacking any real political influence. So why impeach him? Why proceed with a Senate trial which is certain to be a political and media circus? Only those determined to make political hay would do that.             It began Jan. 6 when a mob of […]Read More

Arrogant CNN ‘Hosts’ Repeatedly LIE, Insist Trump Dubbed the Coronavirus

By Curtis Houck | March 16, 2020 In a horrendous lie on CNN first flagged by the Trump campaign, CNN hosts Ana Cabrera and Boris Sanchez displayed gross arrogance, immaturity, and snarkiness in repeatedly lying by telling viewers on Saturday and Sunday that President Trump initially chalked up the coronavirus to having been “a hoax.” Fact-checker after fact-checker (and even liberal ones like The Washington Post) decried […]Read More

‘Done our duty’: Christopher Steele refuses to cooperate with John

by Daniel Chaitin & Jerry Dunleavy | March 07, 2020 British ex-spy Christopher Steele declined to give an interview to U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team for its review of the Russia investigation. Representatives for Steele, whose unverified dossier was used by the FBI to obtain warrants to wiretap a member of President Trump’s 2016 campaign, were recently approached by […]Read More

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