• January 16, 2022

Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Col Waldron For ‘Playing a Role

The sham January 6 Committee on Thursday subpoenaed retired Colonel Phil Waldron for records and testimony. Last November Rudy Giuliani’s first witness at the Arizona election hearing was information warfare officer Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron. The Marxists on the J-6 panel are targeting Waldron because he worked with Trump’s lawyers and testified before state […]Read More

Donors Shun Anti-Trump RINO Nikki Haley After She Slams President

Senator Lindsey Graham has reportedly been shopping Anti-Trumper Kikki Haley around to big-time Republican donors but the former South Carolina Governor is not faring so well. According to Richard Farris, Haley is as unpopular with Republican donors as she is with Trump voters. That’s not a good combination. Nikki Haley ripped President Trump in her […]Read More

VIDEO: Truck With Trump Flags Torched By Arsonists Near Portland

Another day, another fuzzy picture of a night time fire set by violent leftists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Today’s edition features a pickup truck in Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland (duh), that was adorned with Trump flags. That is until crazed arsonists decided to light the flags afire, and the flames spread to […]Read More