• March 28, 2023

Ted Cruz Rips ‘Unqualified’ Biden Nominee for Federal Aviation Administration (VIDEO)

 Ted Cruz Rips ‘Unqualified’ Biden Nominee for Federal Aviation Administration (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s nominee to head the FAA is a Democrat crony, is under investigation, and is thoroughly unqualified for the job.

This is a serious position where the lives of airplane passengers are at stake, and Biden is treating it like a patronage position.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas laid it all out in a hearing.

RedState reported:

Ted Cruz Chops up Biden’s Corruption-Plagued FAA Nominee

Ted Cruz is having himself a Wednesday, and the afternoon brought about another big hearing for the Texas senator.

Earlier in the day, Cruz grilled AG Merrick Garland, getting him to admit that the Biden administration was not enforcing the law fairly on a variety of fronts. Next up was the president’s nominee to lead the Federal Aviation Administration, Phil Washington.

Washington has a long history of working for far-left politicians, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. He also happens to be caught up in a corruption scandal that alleges he headed up a pay-to-play scandal, handing out $800,000 in no-bid contracts to a politically-tinged charity.

Still, the Biden administration has kept Washington as the nominee because absolutely nothing matters to the White House but pushing supposed “equity” within government agencies.

Whether you like Cruz or not, and I personally think he’s great, the man does his homework. For him to be able to jump from hearing to hearing like this on the same day and continue to just dominate on various topics is a skill, and it’s one that doesn’t come easily. The Texas senator is whip-smart, and he doesn’t suffer obfuscations and foolishness, both of which Washington attempted to dabble in during the exchange.

See the videos below:


Sen. Ted Cruz to Biden FAA pick Phil Washington: “You’re the first nominee I can recall who is currently entangled in an ongoing public corruption investigation right now while your nomination is pending. This investigation involves an alleged pic.twitter.com/DfirGix8Jahttps://t.co/aCAdtkclNc

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) March 1, 2023

I am disappointed that the Biden administration has chosen an aviation safety position as a patronage job.

They’d rather play politics than keep Americans safe.

Phil Washington has no aviation experience. pic.twitter.com/Bx990gOpIR

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) March 1, 2023

This is just like making ‘Mayor Pete’ the transportation secretary. The decision is not based on qualifications. It’s a political handout to a

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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