• May 9, 2021

Texas Governor versus GAB

 Texas Governor versus GAB


by Sheila G

March 28, 2021

Yesterday, I read an article by Gab founder Andrew Torba. Here is a quote.

Today the Texas GOP voted to delete its Gab account after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott falsely maligned Gab as “anti-semitic.” The vote of 35-25 in favor of deleting the Gab account shows that the Texas GOP has an ongoing civil war in the party which is reflective of a much broader situation that is unfolding at the national level in the Republican party. “

You can read Andrew Torba’s response by Clicking here to read the Christianity Daily article

I researched Gab. There are a lot of claims that Gab is anti-Semitic. However, the claims are made by left-leaning haters of conservatives who want to remove our voices from social media altogether. There is no doubt that Gab’s Wikipedia page is written and authored by a host of left-leaning fanatics. Andrew is a Jewish Christian. Of course, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be anti-Semitic. But I haven’t found anything to confirm that. The only things I do see are unsubstantiated claims and innuendo. 

I deleted my Twitter account just a few days before Twitter accomplished the great purge of conservative accounts – over 800,000 accounts deleted. I had a large account two times on Twitter. The first one was my most extensive account, which Twitter suspended in 2019. Violation unknown. My second account, not as large as my first, but it wasn’t puny either. I deleted it. I was fed up with Twitter’s nonsense, the idiocy of the left, and the media’s bias. I joined Parler, Gab, and Telegram. I am on other platforms as well but not enough to mention.

After I read Andrew’s article, it became clear that I couldn’t stay silent on Abbott’s claim and the action the TXGOP took. Before I go further, I want to state that I have a sock account on Twitter that I use only to direct tweets to Congress and the media. I don’t engage with the general left and never have. While I don’t discourage Twitter users from following me, I don’t seek followers. It is merely a communication tool.

While the Texas GOP removed their account from Gab, I found it extremely funny that Twitter had suspended their account for a terms of service violation:

After completing my research, I sent the following tweet. I also emailed Governor Abbott. 




I am tired of our Republican elected officials classifying us a terrorists.  Now do we add anti-Semite to that list? It is shameful for Governor Abbott to make that statement.  It is even more shameful for the Texas GOP to spew garbage such as this.  However, it is very clear to me the GOP does not see us as Republicans but as Trump supporters.  They fail to recognize that we see many of them as liars, deceivers, and back stab ears.  The GOP is really no different than the socialists and communists.  They want us to shut up, stand down, and submit to whatever the elites in the GOP want.  That is the primary reason they will never see another red cent of my money – ever.  I will donate directly to the campaign account of candidates that I support.

I think Governor Abbott is a good governor.  He is entitled to make a mistake – even though this one is pretty serious. In my ballgame there are only two strikes.  Strike 1 is shame on you.  Strike 2 is shame on me and you are out.

You can follow me on GAB, Parler and Telegram at @TheSheilaG2020 or you can email me at MAGAFirst.gmail.com.


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Sheila G

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