• December 6, 2023

The 4th Industrial Revolution Is At Our Doors

 The 4th Industrial Revolution Is At Our Doors

Below is an excerpt of a tweet by @Pariah_In_Exile.  Scroll down to view the actual tweet. It’s excellent and full of information about Klaus Schwab’s New World Order under the 4th Industrial Revolution.  The tweet features Yuval Noah Harari.  Yuval Noah Harari who is an Israeli public intellectual, historian, and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Harari is Schwab’s henchman who makes genocide appear as a public service to humanity. This is what we have coming at us at the speed of a runaway train. You can follow Pariah In Exile from the tweet below.

                                                                                                                                                       – Sheila G., Editor


By Pariah In Exile

July 25, 2022

Who is Yuval Noah Harari?
This is the snake advising Professor Klaus Schwab , founder of the World Economic Forum.(Global enslavement by monetary means.). Here he asks,
“What do we need humans for?
Or, why do we need so many?”



He refers to humans as “hackable animals”.How far removed from human emotion must you be to come up with a term like this?

The attitude is familiar.  No different than how we are viewed by Big Tech, politicians, or science.  We are increasingly hated for just being human.


 Read the full tweet here:






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