• December 6, 2021

The Calm Through The Storm

 The Calm Through The Storm

I went camping this past weekend, to clear my head, in anticipation of one of my “aha” moments that would provide a list of solutions for everyone seeking to navigate this tyrannical turmoil we are all facing. I must have been busting at the seams for that light bulb moment, because the day before I left, my hot water pipe burst in my home and blew a small hole through the exterior wall, creating a geyser on the outside as well – all of which was just around the bend from the 2-story icicle that hung from the gutter.

This geyser set out on a path to flood my entire first floor, causing all of the flooring to buckle. It was all rather symbolic in a way. I had been banging my head against the wall trying to come up with solutions for weeks – something that generally comes very easy to me. Every avenue I looked down, every corner I searched around, every genius thought that entered, were all met with lawlessness on the other end, creating quite a roadblock. Thinking outside the box, finding needles in a haystack, troubleshooting and resourcing were always second nature for me, yet I suddenly found myself in uncharted territory.

While dealing with contractors and insurance companies from the comfort of my tent, I turned my focus to nature and all of the wonderful critters around me, and I took it all in. On the one hand, I observed the motherly nurturing of cats with their babies, while at the other end of the spectrum I witnessed female ducks getting repeatedly violated by males who were nearly drowning them. I was fascinated by some of the larger birds I had never had the pleasure of being in the presence of and enjoyed the taste of freshRead More

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