• March 5, 2021

The Democrat Gaslight Express

 The Democrat Gaslight Express

Yes, the Presidency was stolen from Donald Trump primarily from phony mail-in ballots introduced into a few key urban centers in pivotal swing states and counted with rigged machines. But that was only part of the plan. The people behind this silent coup also embarked on a massive propaganda deception campaign designed to keep Trump supporters chasing ghosts and deadends. Entities such as QANON and THE GREAT AWAKENING are, in my view, only two of the more prominent examples of this information warfare.

Anyone that has ever owned a puppy and taken said puppy for a romp in his or her backyard or the local park, knows what happens when a squirrel or rabbit shows up. The puppy is immediately distracted and runs frantically and futilely to try to nab the furry critters. Squirrels and rabbits usually get away and the only positive outcome of this exercise is the puppy expended a lot of energy and will be ready to nap once back inside the house. Once your pet learns to associate the term “squirrel” with the furry rodent that flees the scene and scampers up the nearest tree, you need only say the word, “squirrel” and your little hound will tear off chasing an imaginary squirrel.

The Allies in World War II, in the months prior to the invasion at Normandy, concocted a brilliant scheme that essentially had the Germans chasing imaginary squirrels. It was called Operation Quicksilver:

Quicksilver was a World War II deception operation conducted by the Allied Nations. It formed part of Operation Bodyguard, a broad strategic military deception intended to support the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in July 1944. Bodyguard was designed to confuse the Axis high command as to Allied intentions during the lead-up to the invasion. . . .

Quicksilver started with the creation of an imaginary Army, the First United States Army Group (FUSAG).[5] This was accompanied by naming a real general, George S. Patton, as its commander and then employing a vast number of physical deceptions, such as inflatable tanks that, from the air, looked like the real thing, It also included producing radio communications and vehicle movement that normally would support the presence of a real Army. But it was a lie.

I regret being the bearer of bad news to my fellow Trump supporters, but we have been subjected to a similar deception operation–both before and after the election. Unfortunately, President Trump himself and his advisors fell for this deception and refused to take the necessary action that could have saved the election from

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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