• July 22, 2024

The Gateway Pundit: “Joe Hoft Talks to Jovan Pulitzer”

 The Gateway Pundit: “Joe Hoft Talks to Jovan Pulitzer”

Rumble — Joe Hoft Talks to Jovan Pulitzer



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  • Jonnyrambo, 12 hours ago

    Fraud fraud and more fraud ????is always on here but when we gonna see jail jail and hangings ? Because we are getting impatient !!!

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    • Bobtche, 3 hours ago

      Jovan has the high-tech tools to see the fraud like a top police detective.

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    • WeFixBayonets, 12 hours ago

      right after you grab them and make it. Vigilance only works with vigilantes.

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    • Thehugepenis, 12 hours ago

      Unless we join up in militias nothing will happen. We need to organize as large groups to loudly voice we won’t take this

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  • SuzieQIsland, 12 hours ago

    Thank you Joe & Jovan ?? “This is the time to be alive”… “The US is the beacon..” ~Joe YES! “The whole world is watching” ~Jovan YES! a MUST SHARE!!! Thank you both.











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