• December 2, 2023

The Late Show Shut Down Last Week as Ultra-Vaxxed Stephen Colbert Dealt With Third Round of Covid

 The Late Show Shut Down Last Week as Ultra-Vaxxed Stephen Colbert Dealt With Third Round of Covid

Stephen Colbert is so jazzed about Covid vaccines that he did a cringeworthy song and dance about them but it doesn’t look like they have done him much good.

The far left “comedian” shut down the Late Show last week as he dealt with his third round of Covid.

Everyone is just going to have to wait for his latest slew of tired and uncreative anti-Trump jokes.

Once again, no one really noticed until now.

Deadline reported:

‘The Late Show’ Pulled Until Next Week As Stephen Colbert Continues To Recover From Covid

The Late Show was not on the air last night as a result of Stephen Colbert’s Covid diagnosis and it has now emerged that he’s taking the rest of the week off.

Colbert contracted Covid earlier this week and started off by hosting a show at home – much like he did during the pandemic. However, the CBS show was pulled yesterday and has also been pulled for the rest of the week.

“Sorry to say, per doctor’s orders, I’m going to be out for the rest of the week. Resting up so that I can deliver the hand crafted, artisanal talk show that we so enjoy serving you. In the meantime, a heady blend of Paxlovid and onions in my socks (thank you, Fallon) will be rebuilding my immune system,” Colbert said.

The move affects guests including Rachel Maddow, who was due to appear yesterday, and Keegan-Michael Key.

It’s not even clear if he is back in the studio yet.

Has Stephen recovered? Will he be in studio tonight, or at least in front of his podcast mic?

— READ (((ya might learn somethin’))) (@ItsTUnESDAY) October 23, 2023

Does this mean you’re on the mend and coming back?

— Tickles La Rue Part Deux (@TicklesD) October 22, 2023

Hat tip to Ace of Spades who comments:

He’s aggressively unfunny. It’s like he’s doing a bit to see just how unfunny he can be before you call him on it.

It’s all Dad Humor, if the dad in question is aggressively unfunny and only reads Salon.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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