• December 3, 2023

The Second Civil War is Here! Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Nothing but Thugs Without Intelligence

 The Second Civil War is Here! Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Nothing but Thugs Without Intelligence

Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News

Democrats want a revolution; they’re getting a civil war instead.

I never understood the allure of power. Maybe it’s pure narcissism, perhaps it’s just greed, or maybe these power-hungry people have mommy issues. In any event, those of us without a desire for power, suffer.

I’ll spare you the history of politics in America and get right to the point. Democrats will stop at nothing to get more power. They are responsible for slavery, abortion, high taxes, low wages, poverty, and this new civil war. Democrats take these positions to pander to the minority in the hopes of being elected and then re-elected so they can gain still more money and power.

Minorities are the base of the Democrats.

We all know Democrats pander to the racial minorities, the poor, the illegals, and other groups of people who are perceived to have been slighted. They also pander to city folk. Ever wonder why this is their base? It’s pretty simple really. Cities. Minorities and elitists are the ones who live in cities. The middle class live in the suburbs and the country, for the most part.

Think about that for a moment. In cities, the elitist rich live in high-rises and the poor live six to an apartment. And the middle-class? Sure, some live in cities, but that’s only temporary. Most middle-class people are smart enough to save just enough money to move out of the expensive city and live in the suburbs. That leaves the cities with the elitists and the workers who serve them, the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots.

Why are people drawn to cities?

For the elitist rich, the answer is simple. Cities are the place to make more money and gain more power.

For the poor, the answer is a bit more involved. The short answer is, more hope. There are more businesses in cities and therefore more jobs – even though they are low wage jobs. And if the poor cannot find a job, the government promises to provide everything from food, to money, to education, to abortions, and housing. Who would leave a city when everything you need is free? A smart one, that’s who.

When you live in a city, you slowly become brainwashed into believing that everything and every ideal in the city is good and normal. If that belief is true, everything and every ideal outside of the city must be bad. Democrats dominate the cities, Republicans dominate the non-city.

Democrats in cities do their best to keep their constituents poor and uneducated, even though they promise to make life better. It’s all one big lie. Remember, Democrats are the party of big government. Actions speak louder than words. If Democrats cared about their citizens, they would dissolve every government program. (The same goes for Republicans.) Let’s look at the programs Democrats encourage. Notice that they all discourage personal responsibility.

  • Public schools. Private schools always perform better. Have you noticed the declining education scores of kids over the last 30 years? If Democrats cared they would eliminate public schools, or at least endorse school vouchers.
  • Free abortions. Encouraging women to kill their children is pure evil.
  • Minimum wage. A minimum wage is a job-killer. Democrats tirelessly support this myth of a better life.
  • Public transportation. Would you rather take a bus or an Uber? The more public services, the higher your taxes.
  • Higher taxes. Wasting your money on programs to “help” the poor actually perpetuates poor people in being poor.
  • Public housing. Would anyone really want to live in squalor?

The above list is just a smattering of a lengthy and never-ending scroll of public programs the Democrats dream up to “help” the poor. The Democrats have had over a hundred years of public policies and programs to help the poor. Strangely, the number of poor and uneducated people in America is larger than ever. So is the number of Democrat voters. Why is that? You would think with a hundred years of policies to help the poor, there would be no more poor people. The fact is their policies are a ruse designed to keep poor people poor so that they will vote for the people giving them the free stuff. In other words, Democrats.

A safety net is a good thing, but when it becomes a way of life and a voting bloc, the system is broken. Politicians should be encouraging us to take chances while promoting freedom, independence, and personal responsibility, but that doesn’t satisfy their insatiable need for power and money.

The next Civil War is here.

Now you understand why the big cities are run by elitist Democrats and the poor think the way they do. That’s what they’ve been taught. You also know why city folk have no idea about real life outside of the cities and think country-folk are backwards. They simply don’t know any better.

The next Civil War was inevitable, and it has nothing to do with racism, police brutality, a pandemic, or anything else you see on the evening news. The main reason for this Civil War is because Democrats have shaped generations of people into believing that their way is the right way, the only way. “If you listen to us,” the Democrats say, “you will be rewarded.”

And when their way bears no fruit and makes life miserable and intolerable because of their “helpful” policies and programs, who do they blame? Republicans, or white people, or rich people, or any other class that’s not them. This is what the Democrats (and the elitists in the media) have been teaching them for eons: The rich are greedy, the white man is oppressing you, the police who arrest you are evil, and so on.

Democrats are the reason for this Civil War, not the trigger of a black man being killed by a cop, not a pandemic, and not Donald Trump. The years of lying and unfulfilled promises have finally come to a boil.

Any unjust incident could have been the trigger. Looting is only natural when you are poor and all you see around you are people who live better than you, especially when you’ve been promised your piece of the pie and you never get it. Intelligent people would realize that looting is wrong. These are not intelligent people. These people are liberals who are easily manipulated because they don’t follow the news and they do not think critically, if at all.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are nothing but thugs.

Protesting does not include violence. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) are violent and have an agenda. That agenda is nothing more than anarchy where the strong survive and the weak are eaten. They want nothing more than to have every American bow down to them so they can rule over them.

Again, when you have no intelligence, the brain resorts to instinct. “Me strong. You weak. Do as I say.” Appeasement and weakness invite aggression. The woman in this picture literally bowed down to this thug of BLM and apologized for being white. Agenda revealed, coward identified.

Now the liberal politicians are actually giving in to these thugs by defunding the police! Can you imagine? If the police go away there will be nothing but anarchy where only the strong survive. The strong will be defined as those most heavily armed. Country folk are heavily armed, and we’re not cowards.

Let these groups try their shit with country folk. They’ll get a face full of lead before and after their asses are summarily kicked!

Surviving the war.

First, stay out of the cities. The war will happen in all of the major cities of the country because that’s where the frustrated, high-taxed, uneducated, and violent people live. Next, get a gun. Get lots of guns, especially a shotgun. All people fear guns. Finally, if you cannot leave the city, stay inside until it’s over. Hide in a secure place if possible.

In the following article, I lay out everything you’ll need to survive a nuclear war. The list on this page also applies to surviving a Civil War. I strongly encourage you to follow all of the recommendations in this article to stay safe. You can read it here.

Finally, vote for the Libertarian or Conservative in the next election, and all subsequent elections. Democrats could not care less about anyone other than themselves. And never bend the knee! Weakness invites aggression.


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