• July 20, 2024

The silent majority must speak its mind!

 The silent majority must speak its mind!


American global leadership must be maintained; the world is better for it. U.S. leadership cannot exist only in theory but must be exercised in practice, which requires Washington to use national strength and moral suasion confidently in every multilateral organization. Our military’s only purpose is to win wars or deter them with the potency of its weapons, training, and tactics. A strong military is also non-political; it must cease being used for social experimentation and espousing corrosive dogma that sows division and self-doubt. Our deepening debt militates against our global power. American leadership needs a balanced economy that encourages wealth creation. The silent majority must speak its mind and no longer shrug off what seems to be “just politics.” This means rejecting bullying on race, class, and gender.


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