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The Statement of Joe Biden on the Impeachment Trial

 The Statement of Joe Biden on the Impeachment Trial


by Sheila G

February 15, 2021

Joe Biden is not only feeble minded, he is also disingenuous, a liar, a thief, and a crook. Biden’s words and actions do not match.

His statement below politicizes the deaths from the 1/6/2021 Capitol breech, blaming it all upon President Trump.

Has anyone heard one word from Biden of his care and concern for the people and families who were beaten, family members murdered, private and federal property that was torched, looted and destroyed, and the continual harrassment of citizens six solid months by thugs Antifa and BLM. This is one of the most egregious examples of his words and actions DO NOT MATCH. These thugs continue their terror today.

Did he speak out when the most evil and hated woman in America, Nancy Pelosi withheld aid from the American people at our greatest time of need not once, not twice, but three times! Did he speak out about those bills being loaded with pork? Did he say anything about this evil woman taking our taxpayer money and giving it to corrupt countries as a foreign aid package?

He and the Democrats say they want unity. That is not what they want. Biden and his thugs want us to submit and shut up. Every action they take – from providing covid relief, to keeping us locked down, poor and hungry is to break us.

Biden implements an international travel ban for but opens the borders to illegals – many of whom are not in the best of health. This is another clear example of where his words of concern for the American people do not match his actions.

Every bill and every action from 1/20/2021 past, present and future is designed with the intent to break us further.  Gun control bills, classifying us a terrorists, vetting our military troops for radicalism. Do you really believe they are vetting our military radicalism? Of course not. They are targeting conservative members of the military. They too must submit to the new rules. Will those that don’t be booted or face a court marshal?

The President is illegitimate. He and most of Congress are not honorable people by any means. Our Department of Justice, FBI, and CIA run the rogue operations and are the chief administrators of the protection racket for those in the circle.  They can now do what ever they want without fear of penalty or punishment. They will determine who thrives and who doesn’t.

They have sold their souls to China, Satan or both. No election now or in the future will rid us of these people. America needs a good purge.

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